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Ricardo Lucque

Chef & Owner

Riccardo´s career in gastronomy began at age of 16, working in hotels around Rimini and Pesaro in the Marche region of Italy. In 1990 he began working at the Michelin starred Da Alceo seafood restaurant in Pesaro. Three years later, aged 24, he left for England to work at Zafferano, named best Italian restaurant in London in 2001 and awarded a Michelin star. After a three-month sojourn as head chef of Buco in Manhattan, he returned to England to serve as executive chef of a chain of five Italian restaurants in the Thames region. He came to Prague in 2002 as head chef of the “Square, a restaurant” on Malostranské náměstí.

In April 2005, Riccardo opened his first restaurant, Aromi, in Vinohrady. Four years later, in 2009, he launched its sister restaurant, La Finestra in Cucina, located near Staroměstské náměstí in central Prague. In May 2012 Riccardo opened his third restaurant, Il Mercato, in Brno.

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Ondřej Rákosník


After successful completion of hotel school in Klánovice, Ondřej went to England where he studied Business Administration and also gained experience in various restaurants. During his stay in Britain he often undertook trips to Italy in which he fell in love.

After his return to Bohemia he worked in the restaurant Square on Malostranské náměstí where he first met Riccardo Lucque. In 2005 their cooperation began when Ondřej helped Riccardo open the restaurant, Aromi, in Vinohrady and four years later, already as co-owners, they opened the restaurant La Finestra in Cucina, in central Prague. In May 2012 Riccardo and Ondřej extended their businesses to Brno, where together with partner Martin Němec, opened an Italian restaurant, Il Mercato, at Zelný Trh.

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Tomáš Černý


Tomáš Černý is the Chef of La Finestra restaurant. He joined our sister restaurant Aromi in 2007. His prior experience was in the Hotel Ambassador and then 3 years in the famous restaurant Allegro at the Four Seasons Hotel. Thanks to Vito Molica Chef who ensured the Michelin star for the restaurant Allegro, Tomáš has gained excellent experience and knowledge of different cooking techniques.

After leaving the Four Seasons he externally cooperated with Andrea Accordi in the implementation of catering events. He gathered further experience on foreign assignments, for example in the restaurant Il Piastrino in the Italian Pennabili. Close cooperation and friendship with successful chefs as Stefano Ciotti, Lucco Pompili and Moreno Cedroni or Riccardo Agostini was very valuable for his professional development. He's very talented, under his leadership; the restaurant La Finestra won the award St. Pelegrino in 2012 for the 2nd place in the category "European cuisine".

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David Beránek

Operation & sales director

+420 608 701 824

Ladislav Balogh

Restaurant manager

+420 603 491 091

Štěpán Klíma

PR and marketing manager

+420 775 351 993

Hana Rajsner

Director of Sales

After graduating from high school in Bohemia, Hanka gained additional experience in Enkoping, Sweden. She devoted her time to the study of languages and studied music at Westerlundska Gymnasium. After returning to Bohemia, she decided to use her language skills by working in the field of tourism. She started to work for Jan Skute in the Norwegian incoming agency, and then she worked as part of the realisation team for the World Ice Hockey Championship.

Most of her free time is spent travelling. She has become acquainted with different cultures and theircuisines, which lead to her interest in gastronomy. After a few years in prominent Prague Destination Management Company by being a head of various events organizations, Hanka has an opportunity to work for Sanjiva Suri. During the eight long years at Zátiší Group she gained a lot of experience and met many interesting people.

She always admired the La Collezione concept created by Riccardo and Ondřej. The fresh touch of Italy fascinated her. She decided to write to Riccardo and try her luck. Immediately after her meetingwith Riccardo and Ondřej, Hanka became part of our team. She spends her free time with her family, especially with her three-year-old daughter Hanička and with friends.

"Come taste the wonderful Italian cuisine and listen to stories about us and about our exceptional products. Come get to know us.”

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